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LOVE 80's Style Dog Dress Shirt

LOVE 80's Style Dog Dress Shirt

This is our "LOVE 80's" style DressUp Pup Wear. 
You can Order something custom sized to your Dog or Cat, or any furry friend. 

Click to Buy your Custom outfit - 

Choose: Small Medium or large Dog 


Each purchase includes FREE tailor measurements at our Shop.
If you cant make it in to the shop, send your measurements in, and we can do the rest. 
Questions? Call and we are happy to help! 


  • Eco-Fabric Policy

    Eco-Fabric Policy 


    We Believe in making the world a better place, by sourcing our fabrics from local recycled materials. This means not shipping in materials from out of Canada, Buying local, selling Local and using the resources we have to do something awesome, instead of wasting them.
    We hope you are on board with our Eco-Friendly Ethos!
    Because all of our fabrics are sourced from recycled materials, we don’t keep a “stock” of fabrics, ( so you won’t get exactly the fabric in our photos) instead we choose something special and unique just for your order, from the options we have available.
    We aim to keep the style and types of fabric consistent with the images shown.
    for example, If our pup model is wearing a furry vest and a lace dress, you can be sure your outfit will be a furry vest and a lace Dress, however the colour or pattern will be unique to your pup’s custom outfit.
    No 2 outfits will ever be the same!

    If you have any questions about this, or special requests, please call and chat with our seamstress. 

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